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ZipUSA: Glen Echo, MD
JULY 2005
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Pop-Up: Glen Echo Park
Pop-Up: Harvard Street
Pop-Up: Ultimate Garden
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Photograph by Brian Strauss

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Glen Echo, MD

    I had a creatively challenging experience working with photographs of actual objects, turning them into pop-ups, and making them look like something from the real world. I usually work with collages of drawings, so this was a first for me. 
    This project took a lot more work than I initially thought it would. Because I was using photographs, everything had to look just right. That meant that photographer Michael Brown had to re-shoot objects and scenes several times. We worked together for about five weeks and ended up with about 28 CDs, each filled with hundreds of photographs. After combing through all of these and making a final selection, I still had to manipulate the images in Adobe Photoshop to erase shadows and get the scaling right.      For the pop-up of Yale Avenue (see page 116 in NGM), Michael photographed my partner, Henry, riding his bike. But since we didn't want any motion to show up in the photograph, Henry had to pedal so slowly that he almost fell off his bike several times. It took us about 15 minutes to get the shot.

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