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Photo captions by Chris Carroll
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Human Toll
Photograph by Michael Brown

Trever Lecroy, 34, survived Ivan's winds and water but died when his heart stopped after several hard days of clearing downed trees and brush in Pensacola, Florida. Along with other family members, his young nephew pays a final visit. "The kids thought Trever hung the moon," says Trever's mother, Nina Lecroy. "It was very hard for them." The hurricanes of 2004 killed scores of people in the U.S., but hardest hit was Haiti, where thousands died as Hurricane Jeanne lashed the island nation.
Photo Fast Facts
Camera: Canon EOS-1D Mark II
Film Type: Digital
Lens: 16-35mm
Speed and F-Stop: 1/60 @ f/3.2

Weather Conditions: Indoor
Time of Day: 2:25 p.m.
Lighting Techniques: Available light

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