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Powering the Future
By Michael Parfit, Photograph by Sarah Leen
August, 2005

Where on Earth can our energy-hungry society turn to replace oil, coal, and natural gas? Read More.

Was Darwin Wrong?
By David Quammen, Photograph by Robert Clark
November, 2004 

The work of the 19th-century English naturalist shocked society and revolutionized science. How well has it withstood the test of time? Read More.

Jacobin Pigeon

Frog Global Warning: Signs From Earth
By Tim Appenzeller and Dennis R. Dimick, Photograph by Peter Essick
September, 2004

There's no question that the Earth is getting hotter—and fast. The real questions are: How much of the warming is our fault, and are we willing to slow the meltdown by curbing our insatiable appetite for fossil fuels? Read More.

By Daniel Glick
Retreating glaciers, rising seas, and shrinking lakes are some of the global changes already under way. Read More.

By Fen Montaigne
From penguins to alpine flowers, animals and plants are coping with the heat—or they're not. Read More.

By Virginia Morell
What causes climate change? Could a climate "flip" happen virtually overnight? Read More.

End of Cheap Oil
By Tim Appenzeller, Photograph by Sarah Leen
June, 2004

It's inevitable. But just how soon will the vital fuel become so scarce and expensive that we're forced to make hard choices about how we live? Read More.

Oil Refinery

Flaming Logs The Case of the Missing Carbon
By Tim Appenzeller, Photograph by Peter Essick
February, 2004 

Hooked on fossil fuels, humans pump carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Fortunately, plants and ocean waters gather it in. But what happens when the planet's great carbon recycling system goes awry? Read More.

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