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Online Extra
Why We Chose Africa
From Editor Chris Johns

September 2005

They are stories whose time has come. With that in mind, National Geographic Editor Chris Johns led the production of a special edition on Africa. In this issue we look at the impact of humans on the environment and the fate of Africa's great animals. We examine the consequences of oil wealth in impoverished Chad and the plight of the Democratic Republic of  the Congo's Mbuti Pygmies as outsiders invade their forest home. We contemplate the relationship between people and wildlife through the eyes of an African writer returning to Zambia. We take the pulse of life in Kenya's bustling capital of Nairobi and ponder the future of HIV-positive South Africans, who tell their stories in their own words. Listen to the Editor remark on why, at this particular time in history, Africa is so important to the rest of the world and how we can help as it forges ahead.
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