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Maurice, LA
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Multimedia: Making Turducken
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Photograph by Mark Thiessen

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On Assignment
Maurice, LA



   There is just such a love of life, plus genuine kindness, in the folks in Cajun country. They can make any day intoxicating, even without a drink in your hand. I love to eat and managed to gobble boudin, gumbo, étouffée, jambalaya, and even stewed tongue. And I was lucky enough to be invited to Junior Hebert's garage (from Hebert's Specialty Meats) to listen and dance to his Cajun music band.      I travel a lot and tend to get cranky when I'm away from home too long. But this assignment was different. I had a hard time leaving Maurice. I really loved it there. I even bought a cooler and filled it with stuffed chickens and boudin from Hebert's, so I could continue to have great food at home in New York City. I didn't bring back a Turducken though. It was too big to fit.     I visited Vivian Alexander, a company that makes fine purses resembling luxurious Fabergé eggs. It was so strange to find these gems being made in a simple building down a dirt road back in the countryside, that I had to keep rubbing my eyes to make sure I wasn't dreaming. Each egg is worth  $1,000 to $7,000, and one was even used in a heist scene in the recent film Ocean's 12.

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