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Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure
Opens October 5, 2007

Use the controls to zoom in and move around the image. Use the navigator box on the bottom left of the image as a shortcut. Map from the Royal Library, National Library of Sweden
Translation, Camilla Bozzoli, NGM 
The smaller version of a map originally published by Olaus Magnus in 1539 was published by French engraver Antony Lafreri in Rome in 1572. The whimsically illustrated map shows a variety of maritime monsters and disasters.
For those not up on their Latin, we've provided an English translation of the block of text in the lower left corner of the map.
For the Scholar of Geography, the Typographer
            Those who have the task of governing and need to manage these affairs with great wisdom need to devote themselves to the study of history and geography so that getting to know the great work of famous men and places where those great feats were accomplished, they may entrust them to memory. In this way they shall have access to these kingdoms and nations and the towns where they are located and get to know and  investigate many different and fascinating customs, environments, and climates in the whole world and put all this in writing. Moved by the example of famous men, Olaus Magnus from Uppsala, a great scholar of geography, most diligently studied the geography of the northern regions where he came from (which are a not insignificant part of our Europe). These regions were unknown to the Romans and the Greeks, but he, with great dedication, made them known and brought them to the light. We gathered this information and presented it in little tables and give honors to the author with no intention of cheating such a great man out of such a great merit.
            Rome, by Antony Lafreri Seguani
            Year 1572

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