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Mexico's Pyramid of Death
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Exotic Teeth
Photograph by Jesús Eduardo López Reyes

Inlays of pyrite and green stone adorn teeth from some of the 17 skulls that were the sole contents of a burial from A.D. 350. Such dental work was rare among the population of Teotihuacan, so the severed heads most likely came from foreigners offered up as sacrifices. Three types of cranial deformations and an isotope analysis of the bones indicate a variety of distant origins, from the coast of the Gulf of Mexico into the highlands of Guatemala. Were they prisoners of war? Traders? Emissaries from abroad? Archaeologists are still working to solve this and many other mysteries of the Pyramid of the Moon.

Photo Fast Facts
Camera: Nikon F100
Film Type: Fujichrome Velvia 50
Lens: 105 Macro
Speed and F-Stop: 1/60 @ f/22
Weather Conditions: Indoors
Time of Day: Unrecorded
Lighting Techniques: Mini soft box
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