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Photo: Bethlehem
Bethlehem 2007 A.D.
The birthplace of Jesus is today one of the most contentious places on Earth. Israelis fear Bethlehem's radicalized residents, who seethe at the concrete wall that surrounds them.
Photo: Albatross
Wings of the Albatross

Carried by the longest wingspans of any bird, they soar for thousands of miles without ever setting webbed foot on land.

Photo: Cowboys
21st-Century Cowboys

Conditions are tough, the pay is lousy, and there is no quittin' time. So why do cowboys love their job?

Photo: Permafrost

Vast reaches of the planet have been locked for millennia in stunning permafrost formations. But perhaps not permanently.

Photo: Gorilla
Gorilla Massacre

Photographers Michael Nichols and Brent Stirton explain the significance of the recent gorilla massacres in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Photo: Moth
Your Shot

Submit your photo, check out Your Shot jigsaw puzzles, and see reader photos that were recently published in National Geographic.

Photo: Two albatross

Decorate your desktop with beautiful images from this month's issue of the magazine.

Photo: Butterflies
Visions of Earth

Each month, National Geographic magazine features breathtaking photographs in Visions of Earth. Browse through this view of the world through a photographer's eye.

Photo: Cowboys
Editor's Note

Editor in Chief Chris Johns writes about cowboy hats and buckaroos.

Photo: Cowboy on a bucking horse

Photographer Ralph R. Doubleday made a career of catching cowboys in midair.

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