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America Postcard 1 Profiles and Courage

The man at the bottom of the rope on George Washington’s nose is Gutzon Borglum, the sculptor who immortalized Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt in the granite of South Dakota’s Mount Rushmore. Borglum was reportedly so skilled in the use of dynamite that his blasting plans shaped the stone to within inches of the final surface.

Photograph by W. L. Highton
From Best of America, 2002

America Postcard 2 Frozen Dinners

A wall of walleyes caught by a single family at Mille Lacs Lake, Minnesota, ranged from a pound-and-a-half snacks to seven-pound feasts. Spurning a long, cold crouch over a hole, this group  from Minneapolis pursued their quarry from a snug 42-foot (12-meter) trailer heated with a portable electric generator.

Photograph by Thomas J. Abercrombie
From Best of America, 2002

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