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National Geographic Magazine 100 Best Pictures Unpublished
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Focus through the lenses of National Geographic photographers.  Zoom in on online-exclusive photo galleries, interviews, and multimedia slide shows.

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National Geographic 100 Best Unpublished
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William Albert Allard

Photo: Legs of a Parisian woman

Get a different angle on Paris from
a photo gallery of Marais, the trendy neighborhood where cultures and lifestyles mix and match.

Allard talks about the challenges, rewards, and heartbreaking realities of his coverage of "India's Untouchables".

Jodi Cobb

Photo: Reflection of a woman's lips

Get the facts behind the frames in
Cobb's online-only photo gallery of
"21st-century Slaves."

Travel to Mentone, Texas, where
the water is scarce and people
scarcer but the human spirit flows
as steadily as the oil.

Robert Caputo

Photo: Lions in the wild

Watch an interview with Caputo and hear about the difficulties of photographing lions in the wild.

Get the facts behind the frames in a photo gallery of orphaned bear cubs.

Pablo Corral Vega

Photo: The seductive Tango

Enjoy the Sights & Sounds of the seductive tango with Corral Vega.

View exclusive photographs of the Andes and get the facts behind the frames.

David Doubilet

Photo: The aquatic world

Dive into the Sights & Sounds of Doubilet's extraordinary aquatic world and meet the exotic creatures that thrive there.

Take a journey through the
rich underwater world of Cuba's pristine cays in this multimedia show.

Chris Johns

Photo: Wildlife in Southern Africa

Experience the Sights & Sounds of wildlife in southern Africa.

Meet southern Africa's first
people and witness their struggle to survive in their own land.

Lynn Johnson

Photo: Hawaii's cultural traditions

Experience the Sights & Sounds of Hawaii's cultural traditions.
Then browse through an online-exclusive photo gallery.

Take a close look at the ugly legacy of nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons in an interview
with Johnson

Mattias Klum

Photo: Meerkats

Tour the world of meerkats in a Sights & Sounds presentation and find out why they're one of the most intelligent animals in southern
Africa's Kalahari Desert.

They live in the rain forest
canopy and use their tails like tools. Explore the Sights & Sounds of "utterly charming" kinkajous with Klum.

Emory Kristof

Photo: Sea vents on the ocean floor

Tour a photo gallery of creatures
that thrive in the super-hot, chemical-saturated waters near sea vents at the bottom of the ocean floor.

Kristof sheds light on the superheated environs of deep-sea vents.

Tim Laman

Photo: Japan's winter wildlife

Enjoy the breathtaking Sights & Sounds of Japan's winter wildlife and Zoom In on more photographs.

Climb into the canopy with Laman and catch the Sights & Sounds of Borneo's elusive gliders.

Gerd Ludwig

Photo: Russian woman

Learn how after a decade of struggle Russia is economically and socially rebounding in a Sights & Sounds presentation. Then hear Ludwig's insights on the challenges the country faces.

Michael Nichols

Photo: Gorilla

Retrace the Sights & Sounds of Nichols's 15-month-long Megatransect across Africa and learn about his conservation efforts.

Experience the Sights & Sounds of the world of gelada monkeys, where fanged males put on a tough act but females call the shots.

Paul Nicklen

Photo: Atlantic salmon

Farmed Atlantic salmon are mixing with wild ones. Find out what that means and explore their world in a Sights & Sounds presentation.

Randy Olson

Photo: Cranes

Experience the Sights & Sounds of Sudan's bloody civil war and learn about the indomitable spirit of the Nuba people.

View more of Olson's images from the Black Sea coast.

Lois Raimondo

Photo: Afghanistan's solders

Hear about the dangers of war on Afghanistan's front line in an interview with Raimondo, then tour a gallery of her images.


Photo: Libya's people

Find out how, after more than 30 years as an international outlaw, Libya is working to shed its terrorist image in a special Sights & Sounds presentation.

Reza discusses the moving and menacing moments of his coverage in the land of Abraham in this video interview.

Joel Sartore

Photo: the Easter Bunny

View a photo gallery of the driest place on Earth and read Sartore's notes from the field.

Learn about Sartore's muscle-aching coverage of a one-day mountain race up three of Great Britain's peaks.

Maria Stenzel

Photo: Emperor penguins

Join Stenzel and experience the Sights & Sounds of the coldest, windiest, darkest continent on Earth—Antarctica.

View a photo gallery of Burma Road, the 1,100-mile (1,800-kilometer) supply line that still winds through three nations.

Tomasz Tomaszewski

Photo: A gypsy family

Despite centuries of persecution and indifference, gypsy culture survives. Explore the Sights & Sounds of the secretive world of the Roma.