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National Geographic - 100 Best Wildlife Pictures
in focus

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Click here to order national Geographic's 100 BEST PICTURES - A great gift-reserve one today!

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Sam Abell

Photo: deer

Zoom In on more of his images.

Melissa Farlow

Photo: Gator

Watch an interview with Farlow and learn more about the stories she’s covered.

George Grall

Photo: frog

Grall discusses getting up
close and personal with frogs.

Chris Johns

Photo: Lion

Zoom In on more
photographs, then watch the
Sights & Sounds of Africa’s
wildlife reserves.

Listen to Nelson Mandela
speak of his dream to unite
southern Africa’s wildlife parks.

Get the facts behind the frames
from “Bushmen: Last Stand for
Southern Africa’s First People.”

Beverly Joubert

Photo: Elephant

Zoom In on her images from
“Preying on Giants.”

Mattias Klum

Photo: Cobra

Klum talks about getting
cautiously cozy with king cobras.

Tim Laman

Photo: Tim Laman

Experience the Sights &
Sounds of flying frogs, leaping
lizards, and airborne squirrels
with Laman.

Frans Lanting

Photo: Hippo

View more of his coverage for National Geographic.

Michael Nichols

Photo: Tiger

Zoom In on his images from “Megatransect: Across 1,200 Miles of Untamed Africa on Foot.”

View Nichols’s photographs from “The Green Abyss: Megatransect, Part II.”

Get the facts behind the frames from “End of the Line: Megatransect, Part III.”

Nichols and expedition leader Mike Fay narrate their walk from Congo to Gabon in the Sights & Sounds of Megatransect.

Visit his photo gallery from “Kings of the Hill?”

Learn about gelada monkeys in a Sights & Sounds presentation narrated by Nichols.

Flip Nicklin

Photo: Whale's tail

Zoom In on his images from “A Mystery to Science—and a Target for Whalers.”

Norbert Rosing

Photo: polar bears

Catch the Sights & Sounds of the tender side of polar bears with Rosing.

Follow the Sights & Sounds of bald eagles as they soar toward a comeback.

Joel Sartore

Photo: Grizzly Bear

View his images from “Grizz Survival: Their Fate Is in our Hands.”

Tour his photo gallery from “Down to a Handful.”

Steve Winter

Photo: Jaguar

Track “the beast that kills with one leap” with Winter in a Sights & Sounds presentation.