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National Geographic Treasures of Egypt
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In Focus
In Focus
Photographer Kenneth Garrett talks about the story behind these images (below).

Reaching the Eternities

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Reaching the Eternities

“The whole premise of this Egyptian religious system was do the right thing and when you get to the gates, you’ll have eternal life.”
—Photographer Kenneth Garrett

Twelve centuries after the Giza Pyramids were built, a gifted general named Horemheb took the throne and had his tomb carved into a slope in the Valley of the Kings. On a mural inside he offers wine to Osiris, god of the underworld, at far left. Such scenes were meant to assist the deceased ruler through the tests and trials that stood between him and eternal life.

Photograph by Kenneth Garrett
NGM September 1998
From Treasures of Egypt, 2003

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Click here to order National Geographic Treasures of Egypt

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Kenneth Garrett

Kenneth Garrett is a freelance photographer who specializes in archaeology, paleontology, and ancient cultures. He has photographed archaeological subjects worldwide for National Geographic and is responsible for more than half the images featured in Treasures of Egypt. “Each time I start a new story, it’s the thrill of the chase all over again,” Garrett says.
Garrett on Egypt
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