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National Geographic Treasures of Egypt
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Photographer Kenneth Garrett talks about the story behind these images (below).

Love of a Lifetime Love of a Lifetime

“Here’s one of the world’s great warriors and imperialists, but at the same time [Ramses II] had this love and affection for his wife.”
—Photographer Kenneth Garrett

First and foremost of Ramses II’s seven principal wives, Nefertari shone above all others in the king’s eyes. “Just by passing, she has stolen away my heart,” he wrote. In a painting from her tomb the queen stands in regal splendor. The gold cobra threaded through her earlobe marks her as royalty. Ramses ordered a temple for his wife to be carved into a cliff next to his own at Abu Simbel in Nubia.

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Photograph by Kenneth Garrett
1997, previously unpublished in NGM
From Treasures of Egypt, 2003

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Click here to order National Geographic Treasures of Egypt

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Kenneth Garrett

Kenneth Garrett is a freelance photographer who specializes in archaeology, paleontology, and ancient cultures. He has photographed archaeological subjects worldwide for National Geographic and is responsible for more than half the images featured in Treasures of Egypt. “Each time I start a new story, it’s the thrill of the chase all over again,” Garrett says.
Garrett on Egypt
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