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National Geographic Exploration
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Photo: Sir Edmund Hillary

SIGHTS & SOUNDS Explore Mount Everest and learn about Sir Edmund Hillary’s lifelong passion for the Himalayas.

Photo: man in gas mask

Russia’s Frozen Inferno
ZOOM IN Get the facts behind the frames when you tour Kamchatka, land of more than a hundred volcanoes, in this exclusive photo gallery.

Photo: A scientist in a high-tech thermal suit on Italy's Mount Etna

Mount Etna Ignites
ZOOM IN Visit explosive Etna, Europe's tallest active volcano, in an online-only photo gallery.

Jungles and Deserts
Photo: explorer Michael Fay

DISPATCHES Read explorer Michael Fay’s field dispatches from across Africa and view photos from his
aerial survey.

Photo: a man and his camel

Surviving the Sahara
VIDEO How do you keep a camel caravan trekking across the Sahara? Find out in this online journey.

Photo: Marum crater in Vanuatu

Inside the Volcano
ZOOM IN See the inferno of an active South Pacific volcano through the lens of Carsten Peters.

Photo: a resident of the Amazon Basin

Into the Amazon
SIGHTS & SOUNDS Experience the danger and discovery of the Amazon Basin and meet the people who live there with photographer Nicolas Reynard.

Photo: Megatransect

SIGHTS & SOUNDS Retrace the steps of the 15-month expedition across central Africa.

MULTIMEDIA Hear photographer Michael Nichols describe what it's like photographing wildlife deep in the Congolese jungle.

MULTIMEDIA Ecologist Michael Fay talks about the challenges of leading an expedition that pushed men to the breaking point.

Photo: African elephant

Africa’s New Parks
VIDEO Follow ecologist Mike Fay into the primordial world of Gabon’s chimpanzees, gorillas, elephants, and other creatures rarely seen by human eyes.

Photo: Majlis al Jinn cave

Caves of Oman
VIDEO Rappel into the bowels of Majlis al Jinn cave with a “rope cam,” more than fifty stories deep.

Photo: George Steinmetz in an ultralight

Empty Quarter
SIGHTS & SOUNDS Get a bird’s-eye view of the world’s largest sand desert.

Photo: Astronaut John Young on the moon

Exploring Space
QUIZ Test your space smarts with this interactive quiz.

Photo: airplane

The Future of Flying
3-D Build a virtual model of the Wright Flyer, part by part. Then take a 360° look at the P-51 Mustang, the supersonic F/A-22 Raptor, and other famous aircraft.

The Poles
Photo: Børge Ousland

Solo Across the Arctic
MULTIMEDIA Børge Ousland talks about his addiction to Arctic expeditions.

Photo: Børge Ousland tows his gear across a frozen landscape

Crossing Patagonia’s Ice Field
ZOOM IN Traverse one of the largest expanses of ice on Earth in this photo gallery.

Oceans and Rivers
Photo: sunken Titanic

Titanic Revisited
ANIMATION Relive the iceberg impact and sinking of this doomed ship, then inspect its decayed deck in an interactive image.

VIDEO Join Bob Ballard and his team at the bottom of the Atlantic as they survey the state of the Titanic.

Photo: an elephant underwater

Okavango Underwater
SIGHTS & SOUNDS Explore the aquatic jungle of the Okavango Delta.

Photo: a flytrap anemone

Monterey Menagerie
VIDEO Discover the peculiar creatures of Monterey Canyon.