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Illustrations editor Kathy Moran describes the photo’s significance, and her work with photographer Michael “Nick” Nichols in this multimedia interview.


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Cut It?
“It really came down to a choice between using the photograph of the gorillas or a photograph of chimpanzees,” says illustrations editor Kathy Moran. “We’re already running a terrific portrait of a gorilla early in the story, so we went with the chimpanzees to get more species variety.”

Or Keep It?
“But ultimately this photograph is just too good not to publish,” Moran continued. “It’s like a wildlife street scene. Usually you see animals singly—not in a group like this where each is involved in its own behavior. So we found a home for it in Final Edit.”

Photograph by Michael Nichols To send this image as a postcard click here.

Megatransect: Gorilla Gathering
Barely keeping up with the growing numbers, researchers in Congo have identified more than a hundred lowland gorillas in this lush clearing called Mbeli Bai, gathering grounds for the study of gorilla social behavior. Staff photographer Nick Nichols captured the congregation of gorillas while covering the Megatransect story in this month’s issue of the magazine. The decision to leave this picture out was a hard one, since gorillas are one of Nick's favorite subjects. But better luck next time; he will be going into gorilla territory for part two of this epic adventure. Look for the article in spring 2001.

Check out the feature story this photo was originally taken for and learn more about gorillas and elephants in the wild at “Megatransect Across Africa.”
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