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Final Editthe image we rescued from the cutting room floor

Cut It?
“The decision to cut this one from the magazine article was simply one of length,” said illustrations editor Susan Welchman. “Something had to go.”

Or Keep It?
“David came back with so many spectacular choices,” Welchman continued. “Final Edit was just another place to show that off.”

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Great Barrier Reef
A Goby’s Velvet Garden

Miniscule blade of transparent life, a wide-eyed goby grazes on the wavy mantle of a giant clam in the waters of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. The mantle protrudes like lips from the scalloped edge of the open shell. Touched by filtered sunlight, it becomes a garden for algae, which produce nutrients that help feed the clam.

“On this particular mantle,” says veteran underwater photographer David Doubilet, “the algae were colored in beautiful midnight and electric blues. And there was this little goby vacuuming detritus off the algae carpet, which had a pattern beyond what any weaver could imagine.”

“What Doubilet does so well,” says the story’s designer, Elaine Bradley, “is to find something the average diver might never see and bring it to light.”

Dive into the feature story this photo was originally taken for and listen to photographer David Doubilet talk about his undersea adventures. Then go to Sights & Sounds for a closer look at life on the Great Barrier Reef.
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