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Final EditThe image we rescued from the cutting room floor.

Illustrations editor Susan Welchman talks about finding the right photographic fit.

Cut It?
“A lot of elements come into play when selecting photos for an article,” says illustrations editor Susan Welchman. “It wasn’t a matter of whether we liked or disliked this image. We decided not to go with it simply because it didn’t fit the theme of the story as well as others did.”

Or Keep It?
“I liked this picture from the beginning. It’s animated, funny, and a great choice for Final Edit.”

Final Edit

Photograph by Catherine Karnow

Forever Young

The Golden Eagles, ages 73 to 92, of Hibbing’s Golden Crest Healthcare Center scrap for a foam puck while practicing for their next game of cane hockey—the seated version of Minnesota’s favorite sport. The day photographer Catherine Karnow visited, the team was scheduled to play the Mighty Ducks, opponents from a nursing home in nearby Buhl. The game was called on account of snow. 

“I loved the picture,” says illustrations editor Susan Welchman, “but in choosing pictures for this story, we were looking for images that had a stronger connection to Bob Dylan’s life in Hibbing, subjects that would have inspired his music.” Like many Minnesotans, Dylan played hockey in his youth, but the subject isn’t in his songbook.

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