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Final EditThe image we rescued from the cutting room floor.

Final Edit Editor Illustrations editor Kathy Moran talks about keeping the edit tight when there's too much of a good thing.

Cut It?
"Despite having great frames to choose from, a certain redundancy began to creep into the edit," says illustrations editor Kathy Moran. "We needed to keep it tight and make sure each image contributed to the overall storytelling. Although we loved the photograph of Jane in the rain, it didn't take the story anywhere. Much to everyone's regret, it hit the cutting room floor."

Or Keep It?
"We had an excess of riches on this assignment," Kathy continues. "I loved Nick's take on Jane in the woods. Ultimately, it surpassed other choices as just the right image for Final Edit."

April Final Edit
Photograph by Michael Nichols

Rain, Rain, Go Away
"This is one of my favorite pictures from the shoot," says photographer Michael "Nick" Nichols. He captured Jane Goodall and Pygmy trackers Mbio and Koba as they waited out a storm beneath a high-canopied tree in Congo's Goualougo Triangle, where storms can last for hours during the rainy season.

While she waited, Goodall says she couldn't shake an awful thought: "If loggers came to this ancient, peaceful place, this tree that's taken hundreds of years to grow would be cut down in ten minutes."

That moment of musing provided an opportunity for Nichols, who had been holding an umbrella for Goodall until he stepped back to take the picture. "She's such a strong person, a crusader, but here she looks vulnerable. I like it because it shows a side of Jane we don't usually see."

Check out Jane Goodall in the Forest Again, the feature story for which this photo was originally taken. Final Edit Photographer Zoom In on more images by Michael Nichols.

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