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Final EditThe image we rescued from the cutting room floor.

Final Edit Editor Illustrations editor Chris Scaptura explains how you can't keep a good character down.

Cut It?
"This picture never really fit that lush idyllic setting of the Kentucky countryside, which was almost like one giant movie set," says illustrations editor Chris Scaptura. "We wanted to create a reflection of that lifestyle."

Or Keep It?
"Everyone loved this picture because it said so much about personalities," Chris continues. "Churchill Downs has a more urban character as opposed to the park-like setting of Keeneland. This picture offered a contrast to the upper-crust lifestyle on show at the Kentucky Derby. People love to pose for the camera, but this guy seemed totally disinterested in what others thought of him. He was a natural for Final Edit."

—Amanda Bowling

May Final Edit
Photograph by Melissa Farlow

Win, Place, Show Off

A faded floppy isn't exactly the wardrobe choice photographer Melissa Farlow expected to see in Churchill Downs' clubhouse courtyard, where the well dressed put themselves on display on Kentucky Derby day. Many of the 90,000 fans holding standing-room-only tickets end up here without a view of the race, but with a great view of "the hat parade," says Melissa. The casually dressed usually head for the Downs' moshpit-like infield instead.

Photographing in the clubhouse was a challenge—Melissa wanted to capture fans in their unposed natural state. "It's hard when people are aware of the cameras," she says. "They go to the parade to be seen. Their plumage is out. They want their picture taken."

—Carol Kaufmann

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Final Edit Photographer Zoom In on more images by Melissa Farlow.

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