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Final Edit
August 2004

The image we rescued from the cutting room floor.

Picture editor Susan Welchman talks about how a single image can say a lot.

Cut It?
"Not everyone wanted to put this photo in the article," says picture editor Susan Welchman. "The story on fat is also featured in this issue, and, with that, some of the editors thought there was a little too much bare flesh."

Or Keep It?
"It took a while for the team to get around to liking this picture," Welchman continues, "but it reflects a light, harmless moment among adults. I looked at a lot of images of fishermen, kids, and families at the nude beach. There were all kinds of people. But this photo gives you the sense that Jersey's a place where you can do anything. The picture's not timid, and Jersey's not timid."

—Lynh Bui

August Final Edit
Photograph by Amy Toensing

Jersey Shore
Photo Gets Bum Rap

This is a typical Saturday in New Jersey. Really.

"There is such a wackiness on the Jersey Shore. People let loose," says photographer Amy Toensing, who shot this picture of a group of friends strolling into the Atlantic at Gunnison Beach, the shore's only nude venue. It may have been Toensing's first time working a clothing-optional scene, but it wasn't a first for these regulars. As many as 10,000 locals and out-of-state travelers visit this beach on a nice summer weekend.

"I admired this group of friends," says picture editor Susan Welchman. "They looked like they were having such a good time." Other editors agreed. Alas, Editor in Chief Bill Allen butted in to point out that we already had a surfeit of skin in another story in the issue ("Why Are We So Fat?" page 46). "You can use the picture," he said, "for Final Edit." So all's well that ends well.

—Whitney Dangerfield

Check out The Jersey Shore, the feature story for which this photo was originally taken.
Final Edit Photographer Zoom In on more images by Amy Toensing.

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