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Final Edit
January 2005

The image we rescued from the cutting room floor.

Final Edit Editor Photo editor Chris Scaptura describes what happens when there are more beautiful pictures than the layout can use.

Cut It?
"This was a case of having too much of a good thing," says photo editor Chris Scaptura. "We already had several street scenes in the layout, and we used as many shots of Gubbio as we needed to tell the story. We wanted to make sure the article reflected the breadth of Italic culture still found in Italy today."

Or Keep It?
"The image works on many levels," Scaptura continues. "The young men standing on the corner. The woman crossing the street. And the architecture leading your eye toward the tower in the background. Add to that the way the beautiful blue of the evening sky frames the buildings, and you've got a photo that still deserves to be published. Final Edit was the ideal solution."

January Final Edit
Photograph by David Alan Harvey


Italy Before the Romans
Last Impressions

A lot of back-and-forth goes on in the layout room over which photograph to use on a story's opening spread. Same goes for the last spread. "This picture has 'ender' written all over it," says illustrations editor Chris Scaptura. "Its selling point is the great quality of light."
The atmospheric photo was shot in Gubbio the night before the Corsa dei Ceri, a festival honoring the town's patron saint. "The problem was that we already had two Gubbio pictures in the layout," says Scaptura. The solution: end instead with a picture of sheep passing through a portal in the city wall of Falerii Novi. That photograph dovetails neatly with a passage toward the end of Erla Zwingle's text in which she walks the city's ruins.
Still, Scaptura—a man proud of his Italian heritage—was torn. "This shot of people out on the street in Gubbio really gives you the feeling of what it's like to explore the streets of an Italian hill town."

—Cliff Tarpy

Check out Italy Before the Romans, the feature story for which this photo was originally taken.
Final Edit Photographer Zoom In on another image by David Alan Harvey.

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