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August 2004
Now more than a century of adventures and photographic memories from the magazine's archives are just a click away.

We Love Lucy

Six stories high, with portholes for eyes and a spiral staircase in each hind leg, the elephant-shaped building known as Lucy has towered over Margate City, New Jersey, since 1881. A real estate developer built Lucy to lure customers by offering them pachyderm-top views of land for sale. Since then the structure, modeled after an Asian elephant, has served as a home, tavern, and—as seen here in 1932—a privately owned tourist curiosity.

In 1970 Lucy was relocated to a nearby park, and a long restoration began. Today the elephant—the interior painted its original "gastric pink"—is open for tours. "You know," says architect Margaret Westfield, who helped make the old elephant look new, "Lucy is actually a male." We know: Female Asian elephants don't have the big tusks.

—Margaret G. Zackowitz

August Flashback
Photograph by Edwin L. Wisherd

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