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Okinawa, Japan
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The Secrets of Living Longer
Residents of Okinawa, Sardinia, and Loma Linda, California, live longer, healthier lives than just about anyone else on Earth. What do they know that the rest of us don't? Visit this site and find out.

Sights & Sounds: The Secrets of Living Longer
Unlock the secrets of longevity in this special multimedia slideshow.
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Blue Zones: Okinawa LifeQuest
Find dispatches, photos, and a section for kids on this website that's also tracking the expedition team.

American Cancer Association: Five a Day
Get information guidelines for fruits and vegetables that prevent disease.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Explore the nutritional guidelines for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Okinawa Centenarian Study
Follow the examples of the amazing centenarians of Okinawa, Japan—you could live longer.

Harvard School for Public Health
Learn about health food recommendations from Harvard experts.

World Health Organization
See the 2004 World Health Report list of countries whose residents live the longest, healthiest lives.

National Institute of Aging
Get information and tips on healthy aging, care giving, medications, dietary supplements, and diseases. Resources are available in English and Spanish.

The New England Centernarian Study
Find studies on longevity and centernarians.
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Parker-Pope, Tara. "What Science Tells Us About Growing Older, and Staying Healthy." Wall Street Journal, June 20, 2005.

Willcox, Bradley, D. Craig Willcox, and Makoto Suzuki. The Okinawa Program: How the World's Longest-Lived People Achieve Everlasting Health—and How You Can Too. Clarkson Potter Publishers, 2001.

Weiss, Rick. "Aging—New Answers to Old Questions." National Geographic (November 1997), 2-31.

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