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Africa Megaflyover
Africa MegaflyoverCharting the last wild places on Earth.

Mike Fay

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Read the dispatches from Mike Fay's 2004 aerial journey. Photo: Hippo

The Project
Mike Fay
Biologist and explorer

In 2000 intrepid Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) conservationist Mike Fay (left) finished walking 2,000 miles (3,200 kilometers) to help preserve the diversity of life in Congo and Gabon. As a result of "Megatran-sect," Gabon established its first system of national parks. Since then Fay has set his sights on all of Africa. His goal was to travel to key ecoregions, discover where wild Africa survives, then spark action for conservation. In 2004 Mike hopscotched the continent in a Cessna guided by the WCS maps, which revealed the impact of human activity on the wilderness. Follow his journey through logged dispatches.
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Mike Fay
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