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Africa Megaflyover - ResourcesAfrica Megaflyover - Resources

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Gabon's Coastline
Photographer Michael Nichols
shares the experience of returning to Gabon for a six-month assignment with his family in tow.

Africa's New Parks
Follow ecologist Mike Fay into the
primordial world of Gabon's chimpanzees, gorillas, elephants, and other creatures rarely seen by human eyes.

Jane in the Forest Again
Meet the primates—chimpanzees and humans—who live in the Goualougo Triangle in this
multimedia special.

Without Borders: Uniting Africa's Wildlife Reserves
Witness the promise of a
borderless southern Africa with photographer Chris Johns.

Outpost: Congo Trek
video, audio, and dispatches from Mike Fay's megatransect.

Megatransect III
Experience the
Sights & Sounds of a 15-month expedition across central Africa.

Megatransect II
ecologist Michael Fay talks about the challenges of leading an expedition that pushed men to the breaking point.

Bushmen: Last Stand for South Africa's First People
Photographer Chris Johns describes southern Africa's first people and their struggle to survive in their own land in this
multimedia slideshow.

National Geographic World Talk
radio program takes its audience around the world weekly, exploring the latest discoveries and the greatest adventures.

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Discover what projects this organization is working on around the world.

This organization of pilots helps protect the environment by using members' flying skills and aircraft to transport researchers like Mike Fay over threatened areas.

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MapStudio is the major producer and distributor of maps in Africa. It publishes a range of street guides, wall maps, atlases, and town plans.
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