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Photo and caption by George Tapan

A rainbow arches over the Philippines' Onuk Island after a rainstorm. Photographer George Tapan "showed a perfect sense of timing and composition in the way he captured the two small human subjects in this beautiful scene, and that really made the shot," noted judge Tim Laman. The "very moody, beautifully composed" image, called "Into the Green Zone," compellingly shows a sense of place via the dark clouds, rainbows, the spot of pink amid a palette of blues and greens, and the woman's flowing hair, said judge Amy Toensing. Peter Essick was also captivated by the detail of the woman's hair. It only "fills a fraction of the picture's real estate, but by capturing the movement at the apex, the photographer has documented a sense of style and flair," he said. Overall, the picture shows that "small things can sometimes make a big difference."

Location: Onuk Island, Balabac Palawan, Philippines

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