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  1. dripping tail of humpback whale

  2. Nature Pose

  3. Frog

  4. Butterfly

  5. Sumatran Tiger

  6. Invigorating Strength on the Hill

  7. Nature with Her Hair Combed Back and Manicure

  8. After the Rain

  9. Sharp tongue

  10. Water cuts through rock

  11. Pelican

  12. Bee feeding

  13. Spring Splendor

  14. Pink Bluebonnet and The Bee

  15. Excelsior Geyser, Yellowstone National Park, Montana

  16. Fall colors along dirt road in Wisconsin

  17. Wolves fishing, West Yellowstone, Montana

  18. Cloud reflection on McDonald Lake, Glacier National Park, Montana

  19. Koi in shadow of leaves taken in pond at Huntington Library, San Marino, CA

  20. Three Bison in mist from steam vent, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

  21. Monarch butterfly on butterfly weed

  22. McDonald Lake near west gate to Glacier National Park, Montana

  23. Elephant Seals in water near San Simeon, California

  24. McDonald Lake near west gate to Glacier National Park, Montana

  25. Snow scene on Blackfeet Reservation near Glacier National Park, Montana

  26. Grizzly Bear in waterfall, West Yellowstone, Montana

  27. Bison Fighting, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

  28. Grand Canyon at Twilight

  29. Super Moon

  30. Atlantic Beach Sunrise

  31. Sunset Reflections

  32. Worker Bee

  33. Siblings

  34. "Fighting"

  35. "Horse"

  36. White Tailed Sea Eagle

  37. Magic at Sunset

  38. Reddish Egrets

  39. Tanzanian Green

  40. Keeping Cool

  41. Soothing Sunrise

  42. Red deer

  43. Fallow deer

  44. Wink

  45. Red-tailed Hawk

  46. Speed

  47. Romp Relaxing

  48. Sisters Considering Dinner

  49. Blink of an eye