MALANA GIRL Remnants of Alexander the Great's Army & Oldest democracies

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Photo and caption by Sundeep Bhardwaj Kullu

Malanis have very distinct physical features, and a autochthonous dialect, Kanashi which is different from the rest of the valley. Malana is an ancient solitary Indian village and is isolated from the rest of the world. It is situated on a remote plateau by the side of the torrential Malana river, at a height of 9,938 ft above sea level. Unaffected by modern civilisation. Malana is considered to be one of the first democracies in the world. The council has 11 members and they are believed as delegates of Jamblu Devta.

Location: Malana in north-east of Kullu in the state of Himachal Pradesh,India


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