Tanant Souk BBQ - Morocco, High Atlas Mountains

Category: People


Photo and caption by Aaron Millar

Market day in the small Berber town of Tanant is a world away from the polished tourist experience of Marakesh, only 60 miles west. Stalls of fresh honey, olives and sweet toasted almonds sit side by side with hooked goats heads and enormous dried cow tongues. People hold out motorbike parts, hand-woven rugs, western rip off clothes and live chickens. It's like being sucked into a maelstrom of brutally enticing, conflicting sensations. But it's beautiful too. Like this moment, when the day breaks through the cracks in a ramshackle BBQ stall.

Location: Tanant Souk, Near Demnate - Foothills of the High Atlas Mountains, Morocco


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