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Photo and caption by Fabrizio Francione

Here is my last work on the subject M45 , the Pleiades. You can find technical data at Anyway, this is the setup that i used and numbers of shots: GSO RC 8" F/8 ATIK 4000LE with Orion Nautilus Usb filter wheel, Baader Filters 50,8 . Guided with Starlight Lodestar with Orion OAG Neq6 Geoptik Modded L 27 x 300 bin 1x RB 12 x 300 bin 2x G 10 x 300 bin 2x Processed with PixInsight , CCDStackV2+ Maximdl,Photoshop CS4 SIte : Val Troncea, Pragelato 16/11/2012 Thanks. Best Regards, Fabrizio.

Location: Val Troncea, Pragelato - 1900m (Turin, West Alps - Italy)


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