Black-Necked Cranes in Phobjika Valley,Bhutan

Category: Nature


Photo and caption by Rinku Chatterjee

Black-necked cranes are seen in Phobjika Valley Bhutan. Phobjikha is a Conservation Area. On arrival in Phobhjikha they are reportedly seen to circle the Gangteng Monastery three times, as if they paying obeisance to the gods in the monastery. Tibetan Crane are categorized as "Vulnerable (Vu) in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species maintained by the World Conservation Union" . In Bhutan they are protected under the Royal Society for the Protection of Nature (RSPN). They arrive in Bhutan from the Tibetan Plateau in late October to mid February every year and return there every spring.

Location: Phobjika Valley, Bhutan


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