A Peppermint Shrimp within a Branching Vase Sponge

Category: Nature


Photo and caption by William Goodwin

The Peppermint Shrimp is a natural recluse that lives its entire life inside the same bouquet of sponges. This tiny creature essentially taught me what kind of approach it would accept, and then it permitted this giant from another world to share a brief moment of intimacy within its private realm. The interior of the vase was dim, the ambient light was confined to the blue end of the spectrum, the depth of field was paper-thin, and at 75 feet deep my total time on-site was very limited. So, while restrained by physics and physiology, I was compelled by the beauty and the challenge.

Location: Margate Bay, Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles. 75 feet (25 meters) deep


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