Sweeping Lady

Category: Places


Photo and caption by Ramin Hashempour

I took this picture in Bakhtapur early in the morning ina foggy day of January 2011. Bakhtapur or Bhadgaon lies 14 km east of Kathmandu.Bhaktapur Durbar Square is an assortment of pagoda and Shikhara-style temples grouped around a fifty-five-window palace of brick and wood. The square is part of a charming valley as it highlights the idols of ancient kings perched on top of stone monoliths, the guardian deities looking out from their sanctuaries, the wood carvings in very place - struts, lintels, tympanums, gateways and windows - all seem to form a well orchestrated symphony.

Location: Bakhtapur(Bhadgaon)


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