"Eve" recovering in New Paradise - Extract. NZ - 2012 - DSCF4460

Category: Places


Photo and caption by Marie Pierre

«Art is within nature, we have to extract it» said Albrecht Dürer. This photo is part of a series of Abstract Photographies «Lyrical Extraction», all representations of the reality, a testimony of discoveries made by the artist in nature. It leads the viewer to let go on an imaginary travel and finish the artwork. No program is used to compose this photo; only the artist eye and lots of chance to see and catch the invisible are necessary. The Eve by Marie-Pierre is a sculpture made by the nature. It reminds of the Eve by Sculptor Gislebertus in 1130, Cathedral, Autun, France. www.mp216.com

Location: Tree on a bank of Arrow River, Arrowtown, Otago, South Island, New Zealand


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