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National Geographic Pictures of the Year
Revisit the best of 2004 online. Find interactive images, forum boards, photo galleries, and quizzes that will give your brain a workout. Then explore all of our stories from 2004 by clicking on the title of each month (below).

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Photo: Mars

Mars Revisited
INTERACTIVE IMAGE Zoom in and explore in minute detail the solar systems' largest canyon system.

Photo: A guide and his burrow

Lost Inca Outpost
FORUM Each time archaeologists discover a site, they risk losing artifacts to looters. What can be done internationally to discourage thieves? Enter >>

Photo: Chinese man with hands up

China's Growing Pains
FORUM How would the Chinese feed themselves if, like Americans, the average person ate 269 pounds (122 kilograms) of meat a year? Enter >>

Photo: Harp seal

Harp Seals
FORUM Is harp seal hunting a sustainable harvest or slaughter? Enter >>

Photo: Wild grasses

Badlands National Park
ZOOM IN Take a road trip to the moon in the photo gallery, then check out travel tips for a visit to the real thing.

Photo: Johannesburg

ZOOM IN Visit the nightclubs, townships, and graveyards of Johannesburg in our photo gallery.

Photo: Man and woman from Great Plains

Great Plains
FORUM What can be done to bring prosperity back to the rural precincts of the Great Plains? Enter >>

Photo: Iraqi Shiite

Shiites of Iraq
FORUM Join the discussion board on Iraq's Shiites. Enter >>

Photo: Children playing near an SUV

Cheap Oil
FORUM Should tax incentives be increased for hybrid cars and decreased for high-fuel cars? Enter >>

Photo: Sun's magnetic loops

Stormy Star
ZOOM IN Get a fiery tour of our
star's solar surface in a photo gallery, then find links to the best sun sites on the Web.

Photo: An overweight person
Why Are We So Fat?
FAT QUIZ Test your diet IQ with this interactive game.
  FORUM What can be done to reverse the worldwide weight-gain trend?
Enter >>

Photo: A factory's smoke stacks

Global Warning
FORUM What signs of climate change have you noticed in the flora and fauna around you? What are the implications for the future? Enter >>


INTERACTIVE QUIZ What do tree rings, pack rats, and stalagmites have in common? Put your climate IQ to
the test.

Photo: Sierra Nevada Indians

Sierra Nevada Indians
ZOOM IN Get a glimpse of Colombia's secretive Wiwa, Kogi, and Arhuaco people in an exclusive photo gallery.

Photo: A volcano erupting

Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park
ONLINE EXTRA Get travel tips for visiting this dynamic national park and enjoy its beauty in our photo gallery.

Photo: A small lizard hangs off a leaf

Was Darwin Wrong?
FORUM Join our forum and share your thoughts on "Was Darwin Wrong?" Enter >>

Photo: An elephant underwater

Okavango Underwater
ZOOM IN Explore the aquatic jungle of the Okavango Delta in our photo gallery. (Return November 17 to view this feature.)

Photo: The rusting hull of the Titanic

Titanic Revisited
INTERACTIVE IMAGE Zoom in and explore the first high-definition image of the sunken Titanic and watch an animation of its sinking. (Return November 17 to view this feature.)