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National Geographic Magazine Exploring Space
Explore the mysteries of the universe and witness some of man's historic space firsts through online-exclusive multimedia shows, animations, and video.

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Humans in Space

Photo: The Saturn V rocket

Watch the historic launch of Apollo 11 atop the Saturn V rocket from Kennedy Space Center in 1969.
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Multimedia by NASA

Photo: Man on Moon

See Neil A. Armstrong take the first-ever steps on the moon on July 20, 1969.
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Multimedia by NASA

Photo: Apollo 11

Hear President Nixon’s phone call to Armstrong and the rest of the Apollo 11 crew after they landed on the moon.
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Multimedia by NASA

Photo: Edward H. White performs a space walk

Travel back to June 3, 1965, and join Gemini astronaut Edward H. White II—the first American to perform a space walk—via video.
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Video by NASA

Earth from Space

Photo: Everest's snowy peaks from space

Take in a 360-degree view from the top of Everest’s snowy peaks, then take a virtual tour of the mountain.
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Animation by National Geographic Channel

Photo: Auroras

Learn more about auroras and see them in motion.
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Multimedia by NASA, GSFC, LWS

Photo: Hurricane Isabel

Step into the eye of the storm with a 3-D view of Hurricane Isabel. Red indicates rain rates in excess of two inches an hour (five centimeters an hour), green one inch an hour (three centimeters an hour), and yellow 0.5 inches an hour (one centimeter an hour).
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Animation by NASA/National Space Development Agency

Stars and Galaxies

Photo: A warped galaxy

Explore a warped galaxy, the birth and death of stars, and other mysteries of deep space.
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Photo: A scan of the universe

Take a virtual tour through space with digital images of the first stars, colliding galaxies, and a scan of the universe.

Our Solar System

Photo: Mars landscape

Drop onto the red planet with an animation of Spirit's successful landing.
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Animation by NASA/JPL

Photo: A crater on Mars

Can life exist on Mars? Learn from NASA scientist Jim Garvin as he reveals the Sights & Sounds of a Mars Never Dreamed Of.

Photo: Evidence of liquid water on Mars

Watch an animation of weather conditions that some scientists say support evidence of ancient liquid water on Mars.
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Animation by Philip Christensen, ASU

Photo: Mercury crosses the sun

Some 36 million miles (58 million kilometers) away from the surface, Mercury crosses the sun during a rarely seen transit in 2003.
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Photo: Mars

Explore thousands of miles of Mars’s Valles Marineris, the solar system’s largest canyon system, in minute detail.

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