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Tell US the gameCan you guess what this image depicts?

  Go ahead! Stretch your e-magination and test yourself. Click on the right answer and get the full scoop. Get it wrong—try again.


a He really likes to get down in the dirt to do his gardening.
b To start construction on an underground nuclear fallout shelter.
c He has discovered the headquarters for the moles invading his yard.
d To check out a secret hiding place.


d Right!

He’s lifting the cover of a secret tunnel where Vietcong soldiers hid during the Vietnam War. The Cu Chi tunnel system stretched from the South Vietnamese capital to the Cambodian border, more than 150 miles (241 kilometers). Parts of the network were several stories deep and contained living areas, weapons factories, field hospitals, and kitchens. Today the tunnels are a pilgrimage and tourist site. This photo was taken in 1997 and is published in Rediscovering Vietnam: Land of the Ascending Dragon.

Why is this man reaching for the sky—with the ground? Hint: Sometimes the safest place to be is subterranean.

Photograph by Steve Raymer

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