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Tell Us the gameCan you guess what this image depicts?

  Go ahead! Stretch your e-magination and test yourself. Click on the right answer and get the full scoop. Get it wrong—try again.


a So travelers can call themselves “Citizens of the World.”
b It’s a leftover prop from The Twilight Zone television series.
c To maintain a quirky tradition.
d It’s pop art from a well-known artist.


c Right!

It doesn’t tell you where you are, but if you see it you must be in Canada. Visitors to Watson Lake, Yukon, have been posting their hometown names in this signpost forest since 1942. That’s when the first sign was tacked up during the construction of the Alaska Highway. Today the signs number around 44,000.

Why is this forest of place-name signs—most of them from different locations, some thousands of miles away—set up in one place?

What is This?
Photograph by Richard Olsenius

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