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Flight of the Vimy
Past National Geographic Features:

May 2000 Queen of the African Sky thumbnail

May 2000
An exciting article with stunning photos of the Vimy's 1999 recreation of a 1920 flight from London to Cairo to Cape Town.

May 1995 National Geographic magazine The Vimy Flies Again cover thumbnail

May 1995
Our successful 1994 15,000-mile (24,000-kilometer) adventure from England to Australia resulted in the cover story for the May 1995 issue of National Geographic and the National Geographic TV documentary, "The Greatest Flight."

March 1921 National Geographic magazine cover thumbnail

March 1921
Weighing in at a whopping 110 pages, the second longest article on any subject ever printed in National Geographic was about R. Smith and K. Smith's 1919 flight from England to Australia.


Vimy Atlantic Flight Events

The Vimy made the following stops:

Salina, Kansas - May 22nd to 24th
Oshkosh, Wisconsin - May 24th to 25th
Toronto, Ontario - May 25th to 31st
Ottawa, Ontario - June 1st to June 8th
Quebec City, Quebec - June 8th to June 9th
St. John's, Newfoundland - June 9th to July 2nd
Clifden, Ireland - July 3rd

The Mission

Inspiring a new generation

The Pilots

About Steve Fossett and Mark Rebholz

The Plane

Photos and specifications

Building the Vimy

17 months of careful construction

Flight Video

Video From the Flight

Flight Map

Flight Map



History of the Vimy

Learn about the Vickers World War I era bomber model called the Vimy, its role in early aviation history, and its three historic flights. Then view historic photos of the original Vimy.

About the Vimy Project

The Vimy project was organized in 1993 by Peter McMillan and Lang Kidby to build a flying replica of the 1919 Vickers Vimy and relive its historic flights across the globe. This Vimy has flown nearly 40,000 miles (64,000 kilometers) at this point, touching down in 35 countries, reminding all who see her of the bravery, proficiency, and self-reliance demonstrated by the pioneers of aviation. This machine has truly become the "Galleon of the Skies," as she was known in 1919. The project has been driven entirely through volunteer enthusiasm with the critical assistance of corporate and media partners including the National Geographic Society. Please visit us at www.vimy.org.

"Yesterday I was in America, and I am the first man in Europe to say that."

John Alcock - June 15, 1919
Upon landing in Ireland after his transatlantic flight

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