2009 Photography Grant

Woman Standing

The National Geographic Magazine Grant for Photography

Photograph by Alessandra Sanguinetti

(May 2009) National Geographic magazine has awarded its third annual $50,000 photography grant to Alessandra Sanguinetti, to support a project that looks at food production from farm to table.

Born in New York, Alessandra Sanguinetti grew up in Argentina. She is a recipient of a Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship in 2000 for her work "On the Sixth Day", and a Hasselblad Foundation Grant. Her book “On the Sixth Day” was published by Nazraeli Press in January 2006. She has photographed for The New York Times, LIFE, Newsweek, and New York magazine and is a nominee at Magnum Photos.

National Geographic magazine announced its photography grant in 2006 as a means of supporting worthy documentary photography. Grantees are chosen based on the merit of their portfolio and proposal, regardless of whether the project would be published by National Geographic. In addition to financial support, the grantee will have full access to the facilities provided to the magazine's regular contributing photographers as well as the assistance of a picture editor. The grant was awarded for the first time in 2007 to Eugene Richards, for a project to document those profoundly affected by the conflict in Iraq. Last year's winner was Jonas Bendikson, with a project looking a global urbanization.

Judges for the 2009 grant included Alice Gabriner, White House photo editor, Lucian Perkins, freelance photojournalist, and Bill Marr, National Geographic executive editor.

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