National Geographic is partnering with Microsoft Live Labs to create rich three-dimensional spaces of global landmarks such as Machu Picchu, Stonehenge, and the Parthenon. The program takes a large collection of photos (of a place or an object), analyzes them for similarities, and stitches them together for a more immersive experience. Click on the map below to see what we have started and submit your own photos to synths in progress. (You must download the Photosynth software in order to view synths.)
Belgium—Grand Palace
Bulgaria—Rila Monastery
Czech Republic—Charles Bridge
England—St. Paul's Cathedral
England—Trafalgar Square
Finland—Olavinlinna Castle
Germany—Berlin Wall
Germany—Brandenburg Gate
Germany—Neuschwantstein Castle
Ireland—Blarney Castle
Italy—Piazza San Marco
Italy—Roman Aqueduct
Italy—Spanish Steps
Italy—Trevi Fountain
Italy—Trevi Fountain
Lithuania—Hill of Crosses
Luxembourg—Castle Vianden
Russia—Red Square
Russia—Winter Palace
Scotland—Eilean Donan Castle
Spain—Alhambra Palace
Spain—Sagrada Church
Vatican—St. Peter's Basilica
Vatican—St. Peter's Square
Wales—Caernarfon Castle