Published: April 2002
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Tibetan Government-in-Exile

As the official website of the Tibetan government-in-exile, this site offers news updates, explanations of Tibetan Buddhism, and statistics on Tibet and Tibetans around the world.

Tazzla Institute for Cultural Diversity

Kham Aid Foundation's mission is to bring assistance to the people of eastern Tibet (Kham). The foundation works to improve health care, educational opportunities, economic development, and environmental protection. The foundation is also helping to preserve eastern Tibet's cultural heritage by assisting in renovation projects for such landmarks as the Derge Parkhang.

Internation Campaign for Tibet

The International Campaign for Tibet promotes human right and democratic freedoms for the people of Tibet. Site includes press releases, feature stories and news about Tibetans.

Tibet Information Network

The Tibet Information Network (TIN) is an independent news and research service that monitors and reports on the political, social, economic, environmental, and human rights situation in Tibet.

Free Tibet Campaign

This London-based organization, whose mission is to achieve Tibet's independence from China, provides current news reports on developments in Tibet as well as Tibetan-themed merchandise.

U.S. Tibet Committee

Offering slide shows on Tibet and essays from Tibetans in exile, in addition to links to histories and fact sheets on Tibet, this site provides unique insight into the lives of Tibetans.


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