Published: June 2002
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In Learn More the National Geographic magazine team shares some its best sources and other information to expand your knowledge of our featured subjects. Special thanks to the Research Division.

Related Links

U.S. Naval Historical Center

The Naval Historical Center is the official history program of the U.S. Department of the Navy. Of particular interest are the links to the Naval Art Collection and the photographic section.

U.S. Army Center for Military History

This is a wonderful resource that includes online entire books written by official U.S. Army historians. Click "Online Bookshelves" and then go to "Research Material" and "World War II" and you will have all of the history you can read for the rest of the week.

The Imperial War Museum

Great Britain's Royal Navy provided most of the ships for Operation Neptune, the largest naval invasion in history. The link to H.M.S. Belfast will give you a tour of a cruiser that slammed German big guns from miles out at sea on D-Day.

The National D-Day Museum

Explore interactive timelines of World War II and D-Day, which take you into the details of the Normandy invasion.

The National D-Day Museum

Visit the national memorial dedicated to the Allied forces who fought at Normandy on D-Day, June 6, 1944, and read about the Bedford, Virginia, men from the 116th Infantry Regiment who landed on Omaha Beach.

Haze Gray and Underway

Need to know about a ship? Check out this site with histories of over 7,000 U.S. Navy vessels, 3,000 photos, a link to the Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships, and a link to the Canadian Navy.

Utah Beach Internet Café

This fun, historically based website is Frank Methevier's link between his restaurant, located in the remains of a German communication bunker and attached former fisherman's cottage, and the history of Utah Beach—which just happens to be across the street. Great photos, some with sound, and an easy way to access history.

European Subaquatic Research Center

French diver Bertrand Sciboz and his associates have created an informative website on sonar and underwater photography of wrecks along the coast of Normandy.

34th Photo Recon Squadron,

Armed with cameras but not guns, the aircraft of the 34th and 31st Photo Recon squadrons took their chances over German-held France to bring back aerial mapping photos that aided the planning of the war and the Normandy invasion. This website is full of photos and firsthand accounts.

World War Two Maps

Offers pictures of war veterans, links, and D-Day invasion maps for sale.

D-Day: Normandy and Beyond

Read personal stories from World War II veterans, see maps of war-torn cities, and get recent news about vets from this website.


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