Published: July 2007
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Tongass National Forest
Explore the U.S. Forest Service's website loaded with information on camping, hiking, and sightseeing tours, as well as wilderness facts and information on wildlife and plants. Access technical reports and local weather data as well.

Ground-Truthing Project
Learn more about the Sitka Conservation Society's Ground-Truthing Project featured in the NGM article.

Tongass Futures Roundtable
See how a diverse group of stakeholders are forming a partnership to address public policy issues and promote "responsible use of resources—including timber, while maintaining the natural values and ecological integrity of the forest."

Southeast Alaska Conservation Council—Tongass
The SEACC's page on the Tongass is filled with forest data and has links to Tongass history and other Southeast Alaska conservation issues.

Southeast Alaska Coastal Forests and Mountains Ecoregion Assessment
This publication from Audubon Alaska and The Nature Conservancy is a valuable reference for current Tongass issues. It includes a complete conservation assessment, a map gallery, scientific reviews (resource synthesis), a watershed matrix, and a GIS database.


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