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National Geographic Magazine Online

Chris Johns, Editor in Chief
John Q. Griffin, President, Magazine Group
Rob Covey, Managing Editor, NGM New Media
Lisa Hungness, General Manager, NGM New Media
Cassandra Franklin-Barbajosa, Senior Writer
John Kondis, Senior Producer
Keene Haywood, Producer
Brian Strauss, Technical Liaison

Site Design and Production

Brian Maddox, Creative Director, New City Media
Robert Ramey, Ramey Design

Lillian Anette Rowe Bird Sanctuary


Brad Mellema, Manager
Bill Taddicken, Assistant Manager

RealNetworks, Inc.


Richard Pauli, Program Manager
William Starks, Windows System Administrator

Nebraska Central Telephone Company


Telephone Systems of Nebraska

National Geographic Digital Media

Betsy Scolnik, Vice President, Content Operations
Scott Santulli, Vice President, Technology
Lauri Hafvenstein, Director, Consumer Experience
Linda Rinkinen, Director, Quality Assurance and Production
Jim Webb, Design Lead/Manager
Katie Parker, Designer
Paula Willard, Managing Producer
Liz Mozden, Producer
Susan Poulton, Producer
Sean Finnegan, Associate Producer
Teri Weefur, Quality Assurance Specialist

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