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Animal Gallery Photography

Anthony Bannister, Photo Researchers, Inc.: African civet, honey badger
Anthony Bannister, Gallo Images/Getty Images: Cape porcupine, serrated hinged terrapin
Peter Chadwick, Photo Researchers, Inc.: large-spotted genet
Roger de la Harpe, Africa Imagery: banded mongoose, baobab tree, bet-eared fox, bushbuck, chacma baboon, eland, helmeted guinea fowl, kori bustard, leadwood tree, mopane tree, natal francolin, Nile crocodile, ostrich, steenbok, tree squirrel, waterbuck, yellow-spotted dassie
Chris Johns: cheetah, impala, lion, spotted hyena, warthog, vervet monkey, yellow-billed hornbill
Beverly Joubert: antbear or aardvark, aardwolf, grey heron, slender mongoose, white-breasted cormorant
Mashatu Game Reserve: mashatu tree, shepherd's tree, water monitor lizard
Valerie May: Meve's starling
Tom McHugh, Photo Researchers, Inc.: springhare
George F. Mobley: bushpig, hammerkop, plains zebra, umbrella thorn
Michael Nichols: elephant, hadeda ibis, leopard
Mitch Reardon, Photo Researchers, Inc.: scrub hare
Joe Scherschel: common duiker
Villiers Steyn: African wild cat, black-backed jackal, blue wildebeest, kudu, leopard tortoise
Roger Tidman, Photo Researchers, Inc.: red-billed buffalo weaver
Heinrich van den Berg, Gallo Images/Getty Images: klipspringer
Volkmar K. Wentzel: giraffe, South African lesser bush baby

Animal Gallery Videography

J. Michael Fay: blue wildebeest, giraffe, kudu, lion, yellow-billed hornbill.
Valerie May: African civet, African wild cat, antbear, black-backed jackal, plains zebra, bush buck, chacma baboon, cheetah, crested francolin, eland, elephant, genet, grey heron, helmeted guinea fowl, impala, kori bustard, kudu, leopard, meves’s starling, ostrich, red-billed buffalo weaver, spotted hyena, springhare, vervet monkey, water monitor, waterbuck, warthog.


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