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Posted December 1, 2011
Dispatch #1
Living With Lions

This is one in a series of email dispatches from Africa written this fall by photographer Michael Nichols to his picture editor, Kathy Moran.

Photo: Nick sends an email
Photographer Michael Nichols taps out an e-mail from inside his custom-built, camera-laden vehicle.

Dear Kathy,

I have decided to write a journal as a way of keeping you posted and to get some things out of my head and stored away. I will share this with you as it comes, and copy our patron, Darlene Anderson, and my mom to keep her happy.

BTW, “Living With Lions” does not refer to my work or me. It is about Tanzania being the Lion State of Africa and the people here who live with the great predator in their backyard.

I have been incredibly stressed by all the money we have spent to get this show on the road. All the special tech to make it possible to photograph lions in a new way is still untried, and so far Nathan Williamson, [Nick’s photo assistant] has not come out of his tent. He is going over all the unfinished tech stuff and testing.

Our custom-fabricated four-wheel drive is a dream and with luck my old back will hold up over the hours and hours of sitting. I will fill you in on this as we go.

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